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Digo Gemztonez

Francisco Antonio Leal, known professionally as “Digo Gemztonez,” is an American artist, that is recognized for his breakthrough Hip-Hop Album “Night Balloons” that blends Hip-Hop with Dank, Psychedelic, Melodic Trap, and Epiphany Rap. Production includes collaborations with Ritchy Flo, Cloak Beats and platinum producer of Eminem & 2 Chainz, Lonestarrmuzik.Tracks like “Got Me Bent," "Talk To A Therapist," and “Drink With My Demons,” are noteworthy for their goosebumps raising vibes and raw vulnerability. “Night Balloons” is not only a full-length album on digital and vinyl but also includes an original painting with a proof of authenticity NFT, a dedicated nightballoons.com merch store with “Night Balloons” inspired apparel, and also a collection of 940 “Night Balloons 8Bit” NFTs that can be minted directly from the nightballoons.com website.

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"It took me everything to make this album. Every decision, every mistake. After the death of my father, multiple car wrecks, and getting laid off, I submerged myself into a form of Art Therapy." - Digo Gemztonez

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Night Balloons 8Bit

Night Balloons 8Bit: 0xD9934f32E34444Ba51e4245485387aC4a8109F70

DescriptionNight Balloons 8Bit is a collection of 940 NFT Artworks from Digo Gemztonez in the form of really rad animated pixel art collectibles hanging out on the Ethereum blockchain. Some of these dank NFTs include the full-length Night Balloons Album LP. Visit nightballoons.com for NFT treasures, dope drip, rad jams, and to order vinyl.

Key InfoPublic Mint
Date: Friday 9/22/2023
Time: 12:01 a.m. U.S.A. C.T.
Price: 0.0038 Ethereum
Eligible Wallets: Anyone can mint

FAQWhat is the rarity structure of the collection?Animated Balloons. The 8Bit animated balloons are the balloons that Sarah Leal is holding on the cover art of the Night Balloons Album LP. The different colors represent the different types of balloons that have been let go into the night sky.The original Night Balloons in Blue, Orange, and, Red are the rarest Night Balloons, followed by White Out, Illuminated-Greys, Chromed Out, Sterling-Silver-Gunmetal, Pomegranate-Lime-Avocado, Yellow-Lavender-Seafoam, Mustard-Denim-Mariner, Green Violet-Purple, Teal-Fuchsia Magenta, and then, Cobalt-Marigold-Rust.

Balloon Colors

Scenes. The 8Bit animated background scenes represent the different places people are in at different times of their lives. Sometimes these places have more turmoil than others. The animated background scenes with lightning represent the most challenging times.Each scene has the normal scene and also the lightning scene. The scenes with the animated lightning are more rare than the normal scenes without the lightning.The order of rarity for scenes are Pitch Black, The World Is Yours, Fire Flame, Stealth Plane, Midnight Waves, Emerging, Evening Clouds, Purple Haze, Light House, and then, Moon City.

Background Scenes


Vibes. The vibe for each artwork is randomized to represent the different moods we have and how that mood can change according to circumstances, environment, influences, and frame of mind. The Vibes in order of rarity are psychedelic, promising, and then, pretentious.

Cover Art

Cover Art. Approximately 1/3 of the Night Balloons 8Bit collection has the 8Bit pixel cover art as the image file rather than the animated pixel art of the balloons in the background scenes. These special edition Night Balloons 8Bit collectibles feature “The World’s First Full-Length Album On A Singular NFT.”Directly on the NFT is the official release of the breakthrough Hip Hop Album Night Balloons by Digo Gemztonez.There are two versions of the cover art. There is the Night Balloons 8Bit cover art and there is the Night Balloons 8Bit cover art with lightning. The version with the lightning is the most rare of the two.

What is the rarest artwork in the Night Balloons 8Bit Collection?Anomalies. There are rare anomalies that occurred while creating this collection. These particular artworks have the animated pixel art as well as the full-length album included in the artwork.These anomalies are the most rare artworks.

Dimensions & Resolution

Pixel Dimensions:
24 x 24
This is the same as highly regarded pixel art NFT collections CryptoPunks and Nakamigos.
576 x 576 px
Each image is optimized to this resolution.


10% To be paid to Digo Gemztonez

Order & Reveal

Each artwork is minted in the sequential order of the collection with the traits and rarities randomized for fairness.There will be an instant reveal (may take a moment to refresh).

Enjoy Night Balloons 8Bit by Digo Gemztonez!

nightballoons.com is the official website to mint Night Balloons 8Bit.If minted out, please refer to secondary markets such as OpenSea or Blur.

Digo Gemztonez

Francisco Antonio Leal, known professionally as “Digo Gemztonez,” is an American artist, rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Known for his breakthrough Hip-Hop Album “Night Balloons” that blends Hip-Hop with Dank, Psychedelic, Trap, Pop, and R&B. His stage name comes from his childhood nickname “Digo,” a derivative of “Gigawatt” from the movie “Back To The Future.” To further distinguish himself, “Gemztonez” was added, as a reference to his “epiphany style of lyricism” that is described in Hip-Hop terminology as “dropping gems.” The “Z’s” in his moniker were included for a graffiti “tag” appearance. These elements evolved into his stage name “Digo Gemztonez.”Born in Midland, Texas on November 1st, 1984, Francisco Antonio Leal soon moved to Alpine, Texas but, after his parents divorced, he then moved around with his father and siblings to other nearby West Texas towns including Pyote, Monahans, and Lubbock, Texas. A few years went by and then, he moved with his mother to Denton, Texas to finish elementary school and middle school. Later, after 9th grade, he moved back to West Texas to the town of Iraan, Texas with his mother but, then less than a year later, he moved back again to Denton, Texas and then eventually dropped out of high school due to turbulence. He managed to obtain his G.E.D. and went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas.Music influences for Francisco Antonio Leal came from listening to Soul, Tejano, Pop, and Classical music with his mother, while listening to Rock, and Hip-Hop with his siblings. Music became not only a fascination but a place of solace during tough times. Drawn towards definitive stories of triumph over circumstances and the human experience, Hip-Hop became a means of expression, an artistic medium, and ultimately his culture. Ice-T, N.W.A., 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Nas, Biggie, and Jay-Z became his rap idols. Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Pharrell, J Dilla, Q-Tip, DJ Premiere, Jermaine Dupri, and Puff Daddy became his producer idols. Together these historic collaborations created the music that influenced Digo Gemztonez and shaped culture across the globe.Inspired by music videos seen on music video television networks, “The Box,” “BET,” “MTV,” and “VH1,” Francisco Antonio Leal aka “Digo Gemztonez” started pop-locking and breakdancing when he was 6 years old. By 14, he started rapping and freestyling at parties. At 16, he started writing lyrics. At 17, he recorded a song for the first time with a group of high school friends on a computer mic. Then at 19, he performed at his first rap show at a local bar. At 20, he and his friends made a Hip-Hop mixtape. By then, the local Hip-Hop scene in Denton, Texas was growing. During this time, soon after meeting producer Todd (T-LIT) Little at a Hip-Hop show, the two joined forces with rapper Jeffrey (Jeffro) Adkins and formed the local super group, “The Neighborhood Allstars.” They would go on to record, “Too Tight You Can’t Deny It,” and blaze a trail for the local Hip-Hop scene. The group’s music consisted of digital midi production with live instrumentation, soul samples, funk grooves and spanish influenced earworms.Francisco Antonio Leal went on to record a solo project entitled “The Rookie Card” with audio engineer and friend from High School, James (Nox) Williams. On the heels of that, he formed another rap group called “Ghetto[Box]” with Matt (Soul Relentless) Gibson and Byrun (Brother B) Shurn. The title of the group was inspired by the garage apartment the album, “Hooptie Music” was recorded at. The album title, “Hooptie Music” referred to the 80’s “box” body style, like the Buick Park Avenue and Chevrolet Caprice Classic with subwoofers installed in the car that would rattle the trunk. The “Ghetto[Box] Hooptie Music” album led to notable shows opening up for DJ Qbert, Kool Keith, Ras Kass, The Bodega Brovas, A.Dd+, Blue, The Misfit, and sharing festival bills with Aesop Rock, Immortal Technique, Thundercat, Neon Indian, Rae Sremmurd, and Norah Jones.At a crossroads in Francisco Antonio Leal’s life, he decided to focus on going back to school to pursue his other passions in graphic design, video, and digital communications. These pursuits led to reconnecting with Todd Little and meeting Greg Luttrell. Inspired by an advertising class project that Francisco Antonio Leal was enrolled in at the University of North Texas and Todd Little’s Visual Design education from the University of North Texas as well as Greg Luttrell’s education and professional experience in the graphic apparel industry, the three friends formed the imprint “Real Rad Records.” The record label and lifestyle brand produced several noteworthy projects including, eight mixtapes that featured artists such as Pearl Earl, Neon Cobra, Layer Cake, The Bodega Brovas, Richard Haskins, The Wee-Beasties, Q’M of Rec League, Kind Beats, LeonCarlo, and Ritchy Flo. Each mixtape was titled similarly to apparel collections’ for each season of the year. There were Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter collections for two years running. In that time a printed magazine was produced entitled, “Real Rad Magazine,” with cover artists including DJ Qbert and The Bodega Brovas. Merchandise like posters, pins, stickers, and shirts were distributed online and at every show. Real Rad was an official sponsor for a local music festival and consulted in regard to the artwork as well as stage lineups. Real Rad Records produced albums for Ghetto[Box], Richard Haskins, The Unmarked Graves, Ghost Memories, and Digo Gemztonez.After graduating from the University of North Texas, Francisco Antonio Leal advanced his career, from doing bar inventory at a casino, to management at a liquor store chain, to working as a marketing manager for a tech startup, to becoming a creative marketing analyst at a distillery, and then heading up strategic communications as a graphic designer for a jewelry company. Music had always been a dream yet it took a backseat to a career in marketing, advertising, and digital art. But, then a pandemic engulfed the world and political turmoil erupted. During this time, Francisco and his wife lost family members, including the death of his estranged father. Soon after, his wife was hit in a car accident. She was hurt and went through physical therapy for a year and when she was nearly complete with physical therapy, he and his wife were “T-Boned” by a work truck that ran a red light. It was only 2 months later that he was laid off resulting in an assortment of coping mechanisms being employed.In the midst of it all, Francisco Antonio Leal aka “Digo Gemztonez” had an epiphany that led to the concept of “Night Balloons” on the day that the he and his wife, Sarah Leal got their marriage license. In the morning, they went to the courthouse to get their license, then in the afternoon the couple went to visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth to view the work of Takashi Murakami. On the way out of the museum, Francisco found two toy soldiers that resembled the toy soldiers in the Takashi Murakami artwork entitled “Polyrhythm.” In the excitement of that discovery and while driving to his brother’s house in Benbrook, Texas, he and his wife were suddenly mesmerized by a pack of colorful, helium filled balloons that popped out of the back of a boat trailer on the highway. This experience led to the notion that to move forward, you have to let some things go, like balloons in the night.Francisco Antonio Leal crafted the groundbreaking album “Night Balloons” as a way to process and channel emotions into a form of “Art Therapy”. Tracks like “Drink With My Demons” and “Talk To A Therapist” are noteworthy for touching on topics such as alcoholism, addiction, regret, mental health, anxiety and marriage. “Night Balloons” is a dense art project that not only includes a full-length album on digital and vinyl but also an original acrylic painting with a proof of authenticity NFT, a dedicated nightballoons.com merch store with “Night Balloons” inspired apparel, and also, a collection of 940 “Night Balloons 8Bit” NFTs that can be minted directly from the nightballoons.com website. This collection of “Night Balloons 8Bit” animated pixel art NFTs features “The World’s First Full-Length Music Album On A Singular NFT."